We have a full line of factory remanufactured automatic transmissions with a 3 year, unlimited mile national warranty.

Due to our high volume of engine and transmission installations, we have an advanced degree of experience in replacing transmissions.

All of our transmissions are built with a complete system correction to address and upgrade all known OE flaws.

All of our transmissions are fully dynamometer tested with complete road simulation. Remanufactured and improved heavy duty torque converter with upgrades that exceed OE requirements.

Best product and warranty in the business

  • 3 years/unlimited mileage
  • Superior technical support
  • Immediate replacements
  • Paid labor
  • No hassle claims
  • Coast-to-coast nationwide coverage

Q: Why do our transmissions have such an outstanding warranty?

A: Total dedication to quality control and superior engineering creates absolutely the best remanufactured transmission anywhere, thus warranty claims are rare.

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