Why buy a factory remanufactured replacement engine?

We get this question a lot: What is the difference between having your engine rebuilt and installing a factory remanufactured replacement engine?

We know you love your car. And when your engine fails, we know you want to do the best thing for it to keep it running for a long long time. We at Colorado Engine believe that a factory remanufactured engine is the best possible choice to keep your car running, in the most cost-effective way. We often get asked what the difference is between rebuilding your current engine and buying a cost-effective factory remanufactured engine.

Let’s say your engine fails on your 2006 ford f-150. You’d like to keep your beloved truck running, and have already been told you need a new engine. The dealer has quoted you around $8000 for a new replacement engine, which seems way out of your price range. So you start shopping around for other alternatives. You come upon Colorado Engine, and the option to buy a remanufactured engine for a few thousand dollars cheaper than the dealer. We quote you, for example, $5500 to $6000 to replace this engine. What we do in that process is to take out the entire bad engine, and put in a factory remanufactured engine with a 3 year, unlimited mile warranty. Installation is our speciality, we install over 250 engines a year. Our installation is expert and guaranteed.

In your search, you find another option to repair your current engine. They will quote you the price to rebuild your engine, which means they will ‘fix it in frame’. They will tear into your engine and diagnose the problem, and fix only the pieces they find problematic. This quote will usually be about $1000 under ours. Here is the problem: you don’t know what’s in it, and you still have many of the old pieces of your engine. When you get it all put back together you will now have the same engine, with many of the old parts, and some new.

We believe our way is faster and more reliable, with a warranty on both the installation and the engine. The warranty is national, and no matter where you are, you are covered by the engine warranty. The other way, while cheaper, gives you back your old engine, and possibly other problems, since many engine parts are still original with usually a non-national warranty if any at all.  

So there you have it, we truly believe that despite a larger initial quote, you are getting more for your money when you buy a factory remanufactured engine from Colorado Engine. Our warranty  and installation experience alone should tell you we are here to keep your car running and honor the price we quote since there are less ‘surprises’ in the installation process.

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