The One Way Road Trip

Sometimes it’s a little better to travel than to arrive.
— Robert M. Pirsig

     This summer we embarked on a new idea: the one way road trip. Our adventure took us west beginning in Denver and concluding on the Pacific Ocean.  Unlike the standard road trip, this time we ditched our rental in San Diego and hopped on a cheap flight home. Brilliant really, especially when you consider the time- not to mention the knee pain- it saves.  Are we telling our age here?  In all seriousness, our trip gave us the ability to check off that summer road trip box, spend time on the road, and enjoy the beauty that is America without the added dread of a long drive home.  Here’s what we learned:

1. Do your research

Turns out, the one way road trip can seem tricky to plan at first.  Some rental car companies add an upcharge for one way trips (silly, but true) and one way flights can also be high.  We caught a cheap flight through  which allowed us to avoid extra bag fees. For our rental car we used and were pleasantly surprised to discover no drop-off fees!  Check out any current coupon options to save even more:  

2. Remember to pack accordingly

Stuffing your car with books, clothes, sleeping bags, and whatever random thing you can think of is always the fun part of road tripping.  On a one way road trip it’s important to remember your flight home requires a set number of bags.  We packed a small cooler that fit nicely into our luggage and managed to easily squeeze everything else into our designated bags.  In our case the bags flew free (thanks, if you do have limited luggage space, we recommend buying a cheap cooler (ours was from ) and leaving it at your final destination.  Just whatever you do, do NOT, and we will repeat this again, do NOT buy a foam cooler for your one way road trip.  We joke here- but you will appreciate the humor if you’ve ever driven more than 20 miles with a squeaky chorus of styrofoam leaking in your back seat.

3. Enjoy the ride!

Knowing your trip is only one way makes every moment that much more enjoyable! Sit back, look out the window, and let the road do its thing, because in the end: “the journey is the destination.”-Dan Eldon.

Check out some of these one way rental car options and let us know where you end up on your one way road trip!