The New Year's CarSolution

With 2017 fast approaching it's time to reflect, set goals, and gear up for a brand new year.  But before you dust off that treadmill, breakout that food scale, or tighten your wallet for your 2017 New Year's resolution, we thought we'd suggest a different approach to your annual goal.  Have you ever considered a resolution for your car?

 Introducing the New Year's CarSolution...

We asked several people what goals they have for their car this year.  Here's what we found out:

I want to be better about scheduling my oil changes this year.

An awesome New Year's CarSolution for many of us to pay attention to.  Staying on top of oil changes extends the life of your car and, quite frankly, just keeps it running smooth.  Dirty oil just doesn't do the job right.  We recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles. Keep on top of this New Year's CarSolution by stopping in at Colorado Engine to schedule your next oil change!

This year I hope to fix the dents in my car.

An easy fix that can go a long way.  There are many local shops specializing in dent repair. But did you know you can also fix car dents on your own?  Surprisingly, all you need is a hair dryer, a plunger, or some boiling water (read more here).  Take a look at our Pinterest for more diy dent repair ideas! 

To avoid any more dents,  check out our holiday gift post on hail protectors.

I’d love to tint my windows this year!

Thanks to 300 days of sunshine, we Colorado drivers rely heavily on year-round sunglasses to help us get around town. Tinted windows add privacy, a relief from sun glare, and U.V. protection. A great CarSolution for the New Year! Tinting your windows is not as expensive as you'd think and holiday deals are always helpful.  Into trying it on your own? It's a tricky process but it's possible.   

I want to keep my car clean!

Now this is something that takes effort for some busy drivers!  Whether you have a few kids dominating the backseat, or you just seem to forget about your own mess, keeping your car clean is a great CarSolution for 2017!  Our Pinterest  board offers several tips on keeping your car spotless or check out this inexpensive car vacuum that plugs into your lighter outlet!

I’m hoping to install bluetooth.

Installing bluetooth is not as complicated as it may sound.  This CarSolution is easily doable on your own but can be an affordable install at many local auto shop locations.  

I know I’m supposed wash my car more. I think I’ll work on that this year!

While it may seem crazy to wash your car mid-winter, it's actually more important than you'd think. Winter roads are tough on our cars.  Letting dirt sit idle on a car can cause the paint to dull, chip, or scratch.  Keep your car clean by sneaking off to the car wash during one of our 60 degree days in January.  Your car will thank you later for this CarSolution.

I’m going to bring my car into Colorado Engine!

What can we say, we like this CarSolution best! As you ring in the New Year tonight remember to give your car some thought for 2017!  Stop in and check out our deals for the New Year in order to stay on top of your New Year's CarSolution.

Happy New Year from all of us at Colorado Engine!


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