Holiday Gifts for Your Car

Happy holidays from all of us at Colorado Engine!

In the spirit of giving we wanted to remind you that your car deserves gifts too!  While we don't know what every car wants, we did find some great ideas and thought we'd spread the love.  Take a peek into what we found and consider giving your car the gift of joy this season.

The Car MD 

Check this out!  It won't turn off your check engine light, but this awesome gadget plugs into your car to capture a trouble code.  The code links you to a website and recommends solutions specific to your vehicle.  You can find these at most auto-parts shop or check out the link here.

Price: $70

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

In our previous post we stress the importance of checking your tire pressure.  We found an easy option to keep your car happy and your passengers safe!  You can find this pressure gauge here, or check your local auto-parts shop.

Price: $20

Antigravity Battery

Wait. What? (Our reaction when finding this useful car gift).

Turns out you can jumpstart your car AND charge your phone, laptop, and iPad with this awesome gadget!  What car (or car lover) wouldn't want to show this off? Find it here.

Price: $80

Travel Vac for your Car

What car doesn't love to be clean? This sweet gift plugs into your car to provide an easy fix to spilled messes.  Find it here.

Price: $20

Emergency Road Kit

We've provided several diy emergency road kit ideas on our Pinterest!  But if you're in the mood to splurge for your car (or car lover) consider buying an already packed safety kit.

Price: $90

Hail Protector!

Anyone who lives in Colorado knows the damage hail can do to your car.  We found this hail damage cover and quickly remembered every hail dent our car suffered:( Consider giving your car the gift of hail cover this season (complete with a free early warning app we might add).  

Price: $400 (cheaper than hail repair right?!)

Remote Car Starter

Warm your car and keep it locked this holiday season!  Check out some remote car starters here.

Price: $80

Headrest Entertainment

Keep your car and passengers happy this season by gifting a dvd player and touchscreen.  This option even connects to wireless game controllers!

Price: Varies

Take your car to Colorado Engine

We kid, we kid.

But do consider giving your car some care this winter season.

For even more gift ideas visit us here.

Happy gifting.


Colorado Engine